Augmented Reality (AR)
is a technological concept that enables to experience the world around us as is, but with additional layers of digital content on top (such as images, sound, video and text). AR enhances and improves ones day to day life experiences as it presents not just any information that’s available, but the information that’s relevant to one’s specific situation.

AR can help the ability of a mechanic to get technical information and instructions in real time, on his glasses, while looking at different parts of an aircraft he is servicing, children looking at stories come to life on the dining table, all wearing glasses, seeing the same story, , or the ability to look at a menu in a foreign language and see it in your own language, in real-time, through an AR enabled smartphones for example.. Another scenario for using AR can be getting real-time directions with clear marking visualized on top of the actual path you are taking to your destination, offering the best route. Check out The Locksmith Boss.

Privacy Policy for our Kids Applications

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