With Interactive AR, discover another reality!

Our History

Interactive AR, founded in Houston (Texas, USA) in 2015, is a pioneer of augmented reality, specializing in the educational field.

Interactive AR was born from the work of several brains.
Coming from different fields, different experiences and cultures, but gathered around the same love for 3D visualization and virtual reality; they decided to devote their free time to it.
From a simple hobby, they discovered a true passion for augmented reality that was then still a fantasy, they created InteractiveAR.

Faced with future infinite possibilities, they launched products using this emerging technology in order to make it available to the greatest number.

Augmented reality in the service of education

These idealists, seeing their own offspring lose interest in reading, decided to tackle the education market first.
Indeed, what better way to address many than to target and train the new generations to use this innovative technology?

They then launched the development of their first book using Augmented Reality.
The choice of this first opus was based on a story drawn from the Bible because InteractiveAR wanted to take advantage of the power of augmented reality to make these stories more lively and playful. Thus, instead of forcing children to see the Bible as distant from their current concerns, the book was intended to show the importance of these stories and to highlight the fact that the lessons taught there continue in our world current.

After several months of work, the first book stamped Interactive AR was born! A product adapted to the greatest number capable of finally helping to enrich the culture of their children while having fun. To know more, visit iowasaturdayschool.com.

Our goal: always innovate

Instead of resting on its laurels, Interactive AR increased its resources so that it can respond to the production of numerous personalized commands, commercialize its inventions, but also open up other axes of educational development. This work brought about:
– Augmented reality puzzle
– Augmented reality coloring books
Of course, in the meantime, other bookshave also been added to the catalog.

New books, puzzles and coloring books are being developed but, Interactive AR is also working on other projects, kept secret, to always offer more and innovate.

With Interactive AR, the future has no limits

Contrary to the virtual reality in which an artificial experience is produced that is as palpable and absorbing as that of real life, girlsfuckingguys.net augmented reality on the other side describes techniques to use digital technology to strategically improve the sensations and experiences of real life.

This possibility of improving the lives of people is felt in each of our creations and it is also our driving force since our creation. This makes it possible to offer products that are always at the cutting edge and to push the limits of the feasible because our products depend on imagination or the desires of our customers.

So, if you have a need, a desire or an idea, contact us!